Parker Auto Sales Used Cars

Small down payments, small payments.

Parker Auto Sales is here for deals and a warranty on your next used car or truck!

1.     Looking to buy a used car or truck? Parker Auto Sales can help you get approved and purchase the car or truck you want. We have a great selection of used vehicles for sale, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Don't let the stress of the usual car buying expectations ruin your car shopping experience - come see us today!

2.      Parker's team is ready to help you get the most from your tax refund or child tax credit! Filing your taxes early to avoid delays gets you ahead of the game. Don't let anyone get ahead of the game and claim the vehicle you have your eye on! Filing your taxes early gets you ahead in the car buying game. We can even get you preapproved to get that vehicle even more efficiently!

3.      Every car at Parker Auto Sales comes with a warranty, so you can buy used cars in Knoxville with confidence. The warranty is your key to peace of mind, knowing that we care about your vehicle's future and your ability to live your life without hassle.

4.      Shop local! There are many car dealerships in town. Choose to buy local and not a box store for your next used car. Local dealerships can help you get approved. They also take pride in getting to know their customers. Parker Auto Sales takes pride in being Knoxville's hometown dealership. We are just minutes away from the University of Tennessee an Market Square.

5.      We take the stress out of car buying with no pressure sales and easy approvals. We even have a simple online approval process! We can get you approved from the comfort of your own home.

6.      We intend to be your lifelong dealership, aiming for customer service and happy customers. That's the actual value of a local, family-owned, operated business! We invite you to stop by and meet our team, the coffee is always fresh, and the smiles are genuine. We are happy to see you! Test drives are encouraged!

7.      We offer small down payments to make your purchase affordable. It shouldn't take your entire tax return to get a reliable vehicle! Our customers enjoy down payments starting at only $299! Do more with your tax return. It doesn't all have to be spent on a new vehicle! Our east Tennessee customers enjoy more with their tax return or stimulus check by shopping wisely at Parker Auto Sales!

8.      Shop for affordability. Many people are surprised by the cost of maintenance after the purchase. Foreign model cars are typically more difficult and costly to order parts for. It is a safe bet to go with brands that are easier to access parts for.

9.      We have an ever-changing inventory! Check daily to see what's new at Parker Auto Sales! Are you searching for a specific vehicle? Call and talk to a sales team member to explain your needs and wishes for a used vehicle. We strive to get the perfect vehicle for our customers. Affordability, warranties, easy approvals and financing, online bill payments, referrals paid to our customers, all of these features and more are what Parker Auto Sales is known for. We take pride in being a part of east Tennessee, working and living amongst some of the best people in the world!

10.   We are hiring. Are you ready to upgrade your job? Please stop by or call and see what we have available. We are always hiring the best of the best! Whether you are seeking full or part-time employment, we are excited to hear from you! We offer positions in clerical, sales, maintenance, sales, and tech-based careers.

11.   Join us and be a part of the team taking Knoxville, TN, by storm! (865)357-2277

12. Parker Auto Sales was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing outstanding customer service to the people of Knoxville. Our team of dedicated professionals are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience. Whether you're looking to buy a used car or just need some advice, we're here to help!